Different versions of the Web

Compare the different versions of the Web across layers such as user options, user roles, platform ownership, types of implementations, and data traceability.

Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0
User options Read Read + Write Read + Write + Own, Execute, Control
User roles Consumers Data providers Participants and contributors
Main contents Web of Content (business offering) Web of Data (user generated, big data) Web of Value and Meaning (connected data creates meaning and value which can be transacted)
Platform ownership Open Closed, centralized, monopolistic Open decentralized
Types of implementations Static, brochure websites Enterprise Web Portals, Interactive portals, web and mobile applications and services Interoperable solutions working across organizational silos.
Metaverse experience with decentralized back-ends.
Data traceability No knowledge of the users or their behavior. Content is broadcasted with inconclusive data. Targeted content and service delivery, at the cost of loss of ownership and multiple intermediaries. True targeting – direct connection between content (and content owner) and service providers.