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Savita Farooqui

Savita Farooqui

Savita is the founder of Axyom. She is a technology expert who serves on multiple industry associations and policy-making bodies and leads the efforts on defining Web3 governance standards and maturity models. She is the Chair of IEEE Blockchain Governance Standards group and Co-chair of Trust over IP Foundation Governance Stack working group. She provides policy and technical guidance for implementing public or private blockchain solutions, and consults on governance design for decentralized systems.

Savita has contributed to the Linux Foundation’s Global COVID Certificate Network (GCCN) project, to enable interoperable and trustworthy verification of COVID certificates for safe global travel. She now works on the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) project to create a global, federated and decentralized trust framework, Regi-TRUST.

She is a co-founder and managing partner of SymSoft Solutions, an award-winning design and technology firm. Savita was named a “Champion of Change” by President Obama for technology development that furthers government openness and responsiveness to its citizens.


In line with the Web3 philosophy, we collaborate on each project, assembling a team of experts with deep industry and technology knowledge.

Frederic De Valux

Frederic de Vaulx is the vice president of Prometheus Computing and a senior software engineer, specializing in the analysis, design, and development of software applications, and works closely with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, the federal body that sets technology standards. He is involved in the NIST Cloud Computing Program, leads the Cloud Metrics Public Working Group, and has been involved in cyber-physical system projects at NIST for the past five years.

Thomas Fuhrman

Thomas Fuhrman is an executive consultant with experience and subject matter expertise in blockchain and cybersecurity. As a blockchain advocate and advisor, he is skilled in communicating technical concepts to business leaders and other non-specialists. He has a diverse public and private sector leadership profile and a solid engineering background. Tom is the founder and president of a technology consultancy VECTORmv.

Michelle Tsing

Michelle Tsing is a founder of Elevate the Blockchain, Inc. She was an attorney at PayPal, where she helped the Large Merchant Services team achieve ubiquity. Before PayPal, she was at Cisco, eBay, Samsung, and Apple. Michelle co-founded a blockchain payments startup in 2015 and is a strategic advisor to several AI, blockchain, and 3D printing companies. She is also a mentor for Singularity University Ventures, Berkeley Blockchain Xccelerator, Launchpool Web3 Techstars Accelerator, Allied Venture Partners, Outlier Ventures, SVI Academy, and Hack Temple. She founded Robotics for Good: Chatbots, Messaging and AI community; donated her time to The Loving AI/XPRIZE Project and Robots Without Borders. She is a California and Georgia blockchain advocacy coalition member and the producer and host of Laptop Radio at Stanford University.

Abdul Farooqui

Abdul Farooqui is Information Systems Professional with 20+ years of experience in Web content management, design, development, deployment, and operations of software systems, business intelligence solutions, Web applications, and large data intensive solutions. Abdul has deep expertise in Web platforms, Cryptography, identity management and DevOps on-premise and in the cloud. Abdul is a co-founder and CTO of an award-winning design and technology firm SymSoft Solutions.

Lucy Yang

Lucy Yang is an entrepreneurial and resourceful business leader and advisor. She is a go-to-market expert with a wealth of experience in a wide range of areas such as edtech, health tech, blockchain, digital identity, and personal data management. 

Lucy is the Managing Partner at Identity Woman in Business, a boutique consultancy specialized in providing strategic and technical services in decentralized identity and trust management. Lucy helped launch the Global COVID Certificate Network (GCCN) at the Linux Foundation, one of the first decentralized federation architectures. She consults at the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) on Digital TRUST Infrastructure for Discovery and Validation (Regi-TRUST) project, enabling a new model of trust building for digital ecosystems. 

Lucy obtained her MBA from the University of Toronto. She also co-authored the first online course of decentralized identity, “Getting Started with Self-Sovereign Identity”.

Kaliya Young

Kaliya Young, widely known as Identity Woman, is a world leading expert and active community builder in decentralized/self-sovereign identity. She has committed her life to the development of an open-standards-based layer of the internet that empowers people.

‍Kaliya is the Founding Partner at Identity Woman in Business. She co-founded the Internet Identity Workshop, where OpenID Connect and OAuth were created. She has been named one of the most influential women in tech by Fast Company Magazine. She is a frequent speaker at flagship identity events and has been active on a range of industry expert groups.

‍Kaliya has a Masters of Science in Identity Management and Security from the University of Texas at Austin. She was the author of the Domains of Identity and co-author of “A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Sovereign Identity“. She also co-authored the first online course on self-sovereign identity, Getting Started with Self-Sovereign Identity.